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Vice – President, WETATi Next Generation Corporate

Chidinma (Chi-chi) H. Dureke is a highly qualified, knowledgeable young graphic artist from the Washington D.C. metro area. Chidinma graduated with honors from Frostburg State University, where she majored in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design and Painting with a minor in Art History. She is a published author of a book entitled “Art, Poems and Stories of the Heart” which was co-authored with her sister, Angel Dureke. She has been featured in many publications, including the Washington Post. Chi-chi and her sister Angel Dureke are responsible for developing the social media programs for WETATi. As a painter, her artwork and photography are themed with African art and culture.


From a very young age Chichi has been exposed to several businesses alongside her parents. She has created and designed several book covers, websites, magazines, business cards and much more. She has been part of JAHS Enterprises since its inception. In fact, she designed the WETATi logo that has received rave reviews from many. She has also been working behind the scenes to ensure WETATi becomes a household name world-wide. Chidinma spends many hours per week promoting the programs and clients of JAHS Consulting through all forms of social media and assists in developing programs to further the promotions of the client through social media and relationships locally, nationally, and internationally.

Chidinma supports WETATi through her many contributions through her graphic arts designs, and implementing programs for WETATi Next Generation. 1 (800) 123-4567