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My name is Onichabor Stephen Mobolaji, this is my testimony and story on how WETATi changed my life and what I am doing about it by joining the movement.

I was privileged and pleasantly surprised and pleased to be a part of the 2015 WETATi USA-UNILAG Youth Empowerment program that took place at the university of Lagos Nigeria.

I am a college graduate in Nigeria and after graduating my friends and I who graduated together have been looking for work but to no avail. One faithful day, one of my college friends called me and told me to follow him to an event. I had no idea where he was taking me to but I followed him due to the level of trust I have for him. When I got there I realized it was about WETATi USA -UNILAG Youth Empowerment conference in Lagos Nigeria.

After settling down and listening to some of the speeches/programs especially that of Dr. Dureke and learning what the theme was, I knew I was in the right place and at the right time. I listened to a whole lot of things in a different way for the first time.
I am one of many Nigerians that believe there is no more hope for Nigeria. It is not our fault though because living in a country with rising unemployment each day, the system produces lots of graduates but very few jobs are available, corrupt leaders, no electricity, etc. will make you lose hope in a lot of things. I’m proud to say I left the empowerment program a changed person, my mind is renewed, empowered and the hope of a greater Nigeria is rekindled in me. I also left the conference believing that i can start and succeed my own business based on what Dr. Dureke thought us about the power of becoming an entrepreneur at any level and she has been helping me do just that since then.
“There can be no change without change, there can be no change without challenge and there cannot be change without sacrifice.” I remember having this dramatic pause when I heard Dr. Margaret make the above statements. This particular statement inspired me a lot amongst other empowering things she said during the three day program of which I participated in. It brought about a shift in paradigm for me. Right now the negative mindset I had towards my country has been shifted to a positive one. I have to change for Nigeria to change; an inside-out kind of Change. I now believe in Nigeria. One of the phrases that Dr. Dureke said over and over again that stuck with me and many of my friends that attended is “Nigeria is our own” as she asked us over and over again after we repeated the phrase “if Nigeria is your own why do you note care and why do you not take charge of it and do something about it within your power because everyone can do something and can contribute no matter how small.” #Nigeriaismyown.

During the conference Dr. Dureke emphasized a lot about the importance and the power of volunteerism and community service which never occurred to me before. Shortly after she went back to the States I reached out to her and told her that I’m all in with WETATi’s vision and mission and will do everything I can to put WETATi in the minds of every Nigerian because now I believe there is hope for this country and Dr. Margaret Dureke rekindled that hope in me and so many others too.  For these reasons and much more, I am offering to volunteer my talent and service by building the website to help in the movement.  #”NigeriaIsMyOwn” –

Onichabor Stephen


Compliment of the season!!! Let me use this medium to congratulate WETATi and Dr. Margaret in particular for Goodwill Ambassador To Gambia Award. I say congratulation. More power to your elbow. I’m the coordinator of the Young Entrepreneurs’ Club Of Government Tech College Lagos and i brought the students who attended the conference in November and left a changed people because of the impact of the conference.

Abdur-Raheem Rasheed


Congratulations for a job well done. I am happy to hear that everything
went as planned.

Welcome back my sister. We need women like you in our community, those
that are doers and not mere talkers. People that are concerned about
tomorrow and about the important things in life.

Bravo, I am with you all the way. Count me in.